Self Tan, Sunscreen & Aftersun

Inverse,the new limited edition male fragrance from Kylie Minogue, is Kylie’s unexpected gift to the men who love her – men with the confidence to embrace the opposing facets of their true self.

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You are strong, assertive and self-disciplined.And yet deeply sensuous, instinctive and empathetic. You are a man with many dimensions. A man of inner contrast and conflict. Now there is a fragrance for whomever you choose to be, wherever you are, day or night.

"It feels very natural for me to create a male fragrance. After all, fragrance is a technique of seduction and men also want to play this complicated and beautiful game. My world is filled with wonderful men who, everyday, break all sorts of stereotypes. These men are creative and experimental but can also be masculine and self-disciplined. With INVERSE, I wanted to celebrate the diversity of the opposite sex and create a fragrance for all these men I love. And yet, I also suspect that a woman will want to wear INVERSE to appeal to a man with a fragrance they both find irresistible." - Kylie Minogue