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Clarins Par Amour Toujours 50ml EDT Spray

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Par Amour Toujours Perfume by Clarins, Draw us a picture of love. Love as a jewel: par amour toujours has a rose pink heart as a spray, a rose that is just about to bud, and the fragrance is light pink in colour. It says that love is a jewel but what sets it apart from the other jewels is that it is alive. A tree is symbol of life. Life is given out of love.

The tree on the outer carton of par amour toujours is dressed in tender pink, a fresh, sparkling colour that appeals to all girls. Evoke happiness, par amour toujours is love by clarins. A refreshing blend of rose, with peppercorns and blackcurrant. With a sensious blend of pink grapefurit, raspberry finishing off with promenade. Par amour toujours is recommended for daytime wear.