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Dunhill Black

Dunhill - Black Release Date: February 2009

Confident. Accomplished. Effortlessly stylish. Unashamedly masculine. These are quintessential qualities of the modern English gentleman and Dunhill's new fragrance, Black, qualities that excite, intrigue and often, prove utterly seductive. The top note is one of the most unexpected to be used in fragrance today - a Green Nettle accord. Imagine that extremely clean scent you can smell when you clear away a clump of nettles that are in your way or clear a path for someone you want to impress. This blends with a base accord of suede. Leather would have been too obvious. Suede is softer, skin-friendly and immensely sensual.

Sizes:   30ml, 50ml, 100ml Eau de Toilette Spray

           100ml Aftershave Splash

           75ml Aftershave Balm

           200ml Shower Gel

           150ml Deodorant Spray

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Author: Beauty Editor
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